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A crisis is a great motivator and organisations have adapted remarkably well to remote work. Many leaders have been surprised at the smoothness of the transition but there are some emergent challenges. The line between safety in the workplace and safety in the home has become blurred, leaders who relied on command and control to get results are struggling with the paradigm shift, and while some teams (particularly agile teams) are demonstrating productivity gains, the increased risk of alignment gaps means senior staff are increasingly overburdened with virtual collaboration. Meanwhile, several tools have jumped the chasm into mainstream existence and capital is flowing towards a remote future.

In this talk, Andrew will talk about how remote:af, the world's first framework for effective remote working, is helping organisations to navigate the remote now, and the hybrid next. He will focus on patterns that organisations are currently using to support remote leadership teams, to design operating models that are optimised for remote and hybrid working, and to take strategy into execution.


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Executives, Leaders, Managers, Coaches

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