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Servirtium == Service Virtualized HTTP (for Java and other languages) in a record/playback style, making plain Markdown recordings that suits source-control.

Utilization of "Service Virtualization" is best practice towards fast and consistent test automation. This tech should be used in conjunction with JUnit/TestNG (or your language's test framework), etc. Versus alternate technologies, Servirtium utilizes Markdown for recorded HTTP conversations, which aids readability allows for diffing to quickly determine if contracts are broken. That last is an important aspect when Service Virtualization is part of a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). All will be revealed in this presentation


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

A talk on why the multi-language Servirtium initiative was started, and what it will change for the software development industry.

Learning Outcome

Whether the attendee's employer needs to drop eveything and pull in Servirtium to speed up builds while gauging/tracking compatibility with suppliers and in-house service makers.

Target Audience

Tech Leaders and Engineers interested in Testing at large

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees may be coders, or anyone in their management structure that laments tests breaking from time to time because some other system that's integrated with isn't workig correctly.

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