When you attend a conference and see a visual artist whip up a masterpiece during a keynote or session that captures everything in one engaging snapshot - have you ever thought “I could never draw like that!” or wondered “how did they do that?”

Well, until recently that was me. But, in learning this skill, I’ve learned that it comes down to a few basic elements, lots of practice and letting go!

There’s also proven science behind why we find visualization like this so appealing. It’s a great way to turn complex ideas into a quick, universal and simple communication method.

Visualization helps increase collaboration by increasing interactions and conversations - a must for Agile teams!

It helps bring alignment across teams quicker than just conversation alone, leaving less to interpretation.

Visualization can be thought of as the “mirror of the mind”. It allows us to discover ideas and thoughts in unique ways where teams may find it difficult to simply describe verbally. This further encourages curiosity and engagement. Above all - it's fun and can create great energy.

Attend this hands-on session to learn key elements of sketching, as we practice tips and techniques so you too can do it with confidence!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

0-7 mins:
Intro to sketching
Sketch warmup
Science behind sketching

7-15 mins: Basic Shapes and Connecting shapes

15-30 mins: People, figures, facial grids and expressions
25-40 mins: Banners/Containers/Frames/Bullet Points
40-50 mins: Signs and arrows
50-60 mins: Letter structure
60–70 mins: Shading
70-85 mins: Put it all together
85-90 mins: Wrap up, final tips and questions.

I will draw the shapes on a flip-chart (or on an ipad connected to the projector) to show how they are drawn allowing the audience to draw with me.

Learning Outcome

  • Describe the science behind and the benefits of visualization
  • Learn basic sketching techniques
  • Create a simple template that helps you build multiple variations of expression
  • Tips and tricks to make your sketches outstanding

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, Coaches, Team members - anyone looking to visualize ideas and create shared understanding.

Prerequisites for Attendees

This is a hands on workshop where you will draw as you learn.
Bring your creativity and imagination!



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