A Tale of Test Pyramid, Double Loop TDD and Mocha

  • Does your unit test suite take an obscenely long time to run?
  • Do you want to optimize the cost of testing, without resorting to traditional cost-cutting stuff?
  • Do you still use debuggers for fixing production defects?
  • Do you crave for an easier way to manage test cases written by developers?
  • Do you understand TDD but don't know where to start writing the first unit test case?

If you say yes to any of the above questions, this session is for you.

This demo-driven talk will help you understand

  1. How to start with TDD in a brownfield monolithic application?
  2. How to organize test cases with cost efficiency and time efficiency as goals?
  3. How you can demonstrate the above concepts to your team, in your office, by using an open-source code repo?

Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. Introduction - 3 min
  2. Common challenges to adopt TDD in brownfield monolithic applications - 5 min
  3. Demo - Test Pyramid with Continuous Delivery - 12 min
  4. Demo - Pair programming using Double-loop TDD - 12 min
  5. Summary of learnings - 3 min
  6. Q&A - 10 min

Learning Outcome

After the talk, as a participant,

  1. I will be able to write test cases with cost and time effectiveness
  2. I will be able to explain double loop TDD as a practical way to implement TDD in a brownfield monolithic application.
  3. I will be able to motivate test-driven development in my team or organization by talking about something more than the red-green-refactor mantra.

Target Audience

Developers/Managers/Product Owners/Testers

Prerequisites for Attendees


Drive to build quality into products


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  • Kiran Kashyap

    Kiran Kashyap - Product Usage Metrics - Practical Lessons from the Trenches

    Kiran Kashyap
    Kiran Kashyap
    Agile Change Agent
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    20 Mins
    Experience Report
    1. How do I motivate my developers when I cannot show them the financial value of the features they build?

    2. How do I prioritize which production defect to fix first?

    3. How do I choose the right solution for the customer when I have multiple solutions to solve the problem?

    4. How do I decide which feature to enhance first, using real data instead of personal intuition?

    If any of these questions keep you awake at night, this session is for you.

    In this interactive session, I will share practical lessons from great product development teams. You can hear from me about how simply creating an intentional product usage metric strategy can help in avoiding many conflicts.

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    Kiran Kashyap
    Agile Change Agent
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    “This is not what I wanted” - Is this a repeated frustration of your product owner? Do you wonder if Behavior Driven Development can help your team in specifying requirements better? Yet, is budget a constraint for starting BDD as a practice? If yes, this session is for you.

    This interactive talk will take you through practical scenarios which play out in a team, while you role-play as a developer/tester/product owner/scrum master. We will end up deriving guiding principles that anyone can use in order to influence the team towards Behavior Driven Development, even when there is no additional budget.