Delivering a compliant product is a resource intensive and challenging activity for most teams. Whether a team is trying to adhere to company, industry, or international standards, it needs to produce deliverables under tight deadlines with the right level of quality.

When you work with Forensic teams the stakes are high! Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a new forensic DNA sequencing technology which can result in increased detection ability for degraded and complex mixture samples. It can also provide ancestry and physical trait information which help's narrow down suspects.

Join Aprajita Mathur as she shares how her team successfully built the first Forensics, NGS “sample-to-answer” platform, working in a cross-functional team, using a scrum-based methodology, yet in a compliant environment. For her team, the stakes were high, timelines tight, and quality was of upmost importance to ensure the truth is always found: An integrated “sample to answer” solution to aid forensic investigation teams must be accurate, precise, reliable, and provide information in the timescales of investigation. Aprajita discusses myths about software development in regulatory space. Take away agile practices that deliver compliant products, using agile artifacts to meet specifications with minimum effort, release after release.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • My Introduction
  • The next 45 minutes in summary , and whats in for the audience
  • Background of usecase at hand - First Next Generation Sequencing Forencics Sample- Answer Solution.
  • Audience Interaction - What crime shows have they watched , stats on TV vs reality !
    • why building this solution so important .
  • AgileBut - Agile Practices we had in place , But !
    • Audience interaction - have you seen this before ?
  • What we uncovered in the land of agile-regulations (is that even a thing ? )
  • What we improved
    • Audience interaction - I am all done ! (this generally gets peoples attention , and they raise questions, which leads me into the next section )
  • What we further improved
  • What worked
  • Gottcha’s - who would have thought !
  • Learnings
    • Audience interaction - Questions , usecases , other things they have observed.

Learning Outcome

  • Impactful Agile practices to deliver compliant products
  • Using agile artifacts to meet specifications with minimum effort, release after release.
  • Myths about software development in regulatory space
  • Approach to analyze why agile transformation may not be impactful already

Target Audience

Anyone working in an industry with regulations like medical devices, insurance , aerospace who are trying to move towards agile development . Or anyone who is struggling to move there processes to agile methodology but are unsuccessful due to organizational or team resistance

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have questions ready for agile transformation issues they have encountered , so they can benefit for conversations that happen during this session.



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  • Anand Bagmar

    Anand Bagmar - Visual Validation - The Missing Tip of the Automation Pyramid

    45 Mins

    The Test Automation Pyramid is not a new concept.



    The top of the pyramid is our UI / end-2-end functional tests - which simulate end-user behavior and interactions with the product-under test.


    While Automation helps validate functionality of your product, aspects of UX validations can only be seen and captured by the human eye and is hence mostly a manual activity. This is an area where AI & ML can truly help.


    With everyone wanting to be Agile, make quick releases, the look & feel / UX validation, which is a slow, and error-prone activity, quickly becomes a huge bottleneck. In addition, with any UX related issues propping up cause huge brand-value and revenue loss, may lead to social-trolling and worse - dilute your user-base.


    In this session, using numerous examples, we will explore:

    • Why Automated Visual Validation is essential to be part of your Test Strategy
    • Potential solutions / options for Automated Visual Testing, with pros & cons of each
    • How an AI-powered tool, Applitools Eyes, can solve this problem.
  • Mihail Sestakov

    Mihail Sestakov / Teri Christian - Launching Teams: A Workshop

    45 Mins

    Forming, or Launching, a new Agile Team is a critical step that is very often skipped due to lack of knowledge, time pressure or just eagerness to get on with work as soon as possible. This workshop discusses and demonstrates the importance of taking the time to launch teams and provides hand-on knowledge on how to Form a Team. This technique has been used by several organizations in the US and Australia. The last being the 2nd largest bank in Australia launching teams in an organization of 4500 people.

  • Jean-Pierre Lambert

    Jean-Pierre Lambert - One week in my agile tester's shoes

    Jean-Pierre Lambert
    Jean-Pierre Lambert
    Agile Coach
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    We all know what is the job of a tester or QA people: she tests... Specifically, she validates changes, she checks non-regression, plus some other things on the side.

    But what's her job now that the company is all agile and stuff? It seems no one knows, not to mention that she has been integrated into an agile team. How is it possible to do the same stuff than before but now under the tight deadline of a Sprint? Besides everyone is talking about test automation, so do we really still need a tester?

    Why not answer to all these questions by tagging along with an agile tester during a week? During one week, you'll get to see what is the everyday life of an agile tester, what her days are made of, and all the value she's bringing to the team without setting herself as the production environment warden.

    In this session you'll see no dogmatism. You'll witness lifelike situations, shared in a humorous tone.

    You'll see that the agile tester role is very subtle. Unlike what most people might think, the agile tester has a lot of work to do and most teams would gain a lot to have one!

  • Yury Lytvynenko

    Yury Lytvynenko - (Don't) Use the Force, Luke

    Yury Lytvynenko
    Yury Lytvynenko
    Agile Coach
    Agile Drive
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    20 Mins

    Agile and Scrum teach us that self-organizing teams are key to success. But what to do with the power, ranks, and authority? Shall we give up them completely? I don't think so. Shall we rely on them exclusively? It kills self-organization. This talk is about why managers (well, everyone to be fair) strive to use their power, what to do if the system provokes you to do this, and how to find a balance between power and self-organization.

  • Vaidik Kapoor
    Vaidik Kapoor
    VP Engineering
    schedule 1 year ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    DevOps helps you speed up delivery while not compromising on quality and service levels. It brings devs and ops together to collaboratively work on organization goals but innovation and stability. However, what happens to security in all this? How do you speed up security in your delivery process without compromising it? How do you scale security? Can we ensure security while not compromise speed?

    In this talk, we will talk about some practical lessons we learned while designing security systems and processes at Grofers to ensure scaling of security practices and culture while scaling up our teams, systems and business.