SHOW ME THE MONEY! Contracts before Collaboration

Collaboration over Contracts we say. But... how many times our contracts weren't designed to promote true collaboration? and, how many times our contracts are not linked to any specific constrain or achievement so we cannot confirm if we are succeeding by any tangible means? In my years of experience, most of them.

So Yes, Collaboration over Contracts. But... Contracts before Collaboration!

Normally we use to work on a fixed salary or daily rate basis but, is this the way to leverage best possible collaboration? In my context the answer is a clear NO. That's why I've been experimenting with different approaches since I became an Agile Lean coach back in 2010.

Applying to myself what I advice to my clients is one of my key principles so here I came up with different new formats of Win-Win-Lose-Lose contracts, designed to make sure I’m always putting the collaboration with my clients before the contract itself. Those are normally pretty simple 1-page contracts based on the principles of Full transparency, Short cycles, Results driven approach, Autonomy and Freedom.

In this session I will share these contractual models with the audience, together with their key mechanisms to succeed and the constrains that we have to consider in advance, before taking these leap of faith and trust in ourselves.

I wish you enjoy this session and get some good take-aways from it. Meanwhile, I´ll appreciate your comments to my proposal to be able to tweak and improve it if required. Thanks

Talk history:

  • LAST Conference Sydney 2019

Outline/Structure of the Talk

45' max to deliver whole presentation properly.

Through the session, attendees will be able to self-asses their current contractual relationships.

Description Timeslot
Roman Law Origin of contracts to better understand where everything began 10'
Contract Typologies Review of most common types of contracts and their benefits and flaws 15'
My real Agile Contracts Share some contractual models which have offered me the opportunity to foster true collaboration with my clients and to identify potential problems and risks early enough. 15'
Closing Takeaway & Feedback 5'

Learning Outcome

AS A participant in this session...

  • I WILL learn a variety of contract typologies SO THAT I can recognise their potential benefits and risks.
  • I WILL get a basic self-assessment tool SO THAT I can recognise my current contractual situation.
  • I WILL understand that the only way is the All-WIN/All-LOSE way SO THAT I can build long lasting personal and professional relationships. Because, at the end, everything's about we People and our Interactions.

Target Audience

Everyone interested in delivering value and keen to challenge the status quo

Prerequisites for Attendees

no prerequisites

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