How many times have we been cautioned to avoid single points of failure?

A team that simply takes orders from a product owner is not utilizing the full
potential, experience, and competence offered by a cross‐functional, multi-disciplined team. A product owner often is a single point of failure when formulating business requirements on behalf of an entire business function and prioritizing them based on business value.

Does the product owner understand the business strategy sufficiently to establish true business value? Does s/he share a common understanding of business value with the rest of the business? This strategy creates many unknowns and risks.

I propose a shift in focus from “solving a problem” to “defining a problem and then solving it”.

In my talk I will share insights and lesson learned on proven technique on how to mitigate this single point of failure.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Understanding the agile vulnerabilities
  • Business value - Do we understand it?
  • Scientific method - How it can be effective
  • Example walk-through
  • Key challenges and lesson learned

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of Agile vulnerabilities
  • Hypothesis driven mindset.

Target Audience

Who keeps an agile mindset, Scrum Master, Agile teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of Agile

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