Psychological Safety – A key to unlock High Performance

Every organization wants to have high Performing teams. Organizations are ready to invest in tools and processes, but an important factor missed is the 'People'.

Organizational research has identified Psychological Safety as a critical factor in understanding how a team operates such as voice an opinion, collaboration, communication, team learning, and overall organizational learning.

This session will uncover the importance and benefits of Psychological Safety in building high performing team.

It will be an interactive session to help the audience to share their experiences and ideas.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The flow of the session is as follows:

  • What are the characteristic of a High Performing Team
  • What is Psychological Safety being all about
  • How Psychological Safety impacts team's performance
    • The practical challenges which are faced due to absence of Psychological Safety
  • The Key players in achieving Psychological Safety-
    • How it is challenging to build the culture of Psychologically safe environment
    • Which are the key players in achieving Psychological Safety
  • How to cultivate Psychological Safety-
    • Different techniques which I have used to improve the Psychologically safety in the teams
    • What were the challenges faced while applying those techniques and how it worked?
  • Measuring Psychological Safety
    • The importance of measuring Psychological Safety
    • Which are different techniques to measure the Psychological Safety
    • When to use which techniques.
    • Next steps once you have measured the Psychological Safety
  • How Psychological Safety is a key for achieving high performance in a team

Learning Outcome

Understanding of importance and ways to improve Psychological Safety in Agile Teams to make them high performing

Target Audience

All who want to achieve High Performance in the Team

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of Agile

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