The Wizard of OSS: The Magic of Open Space and Sociocracy for Business Agility

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A true agile business transformation can’t result from simply “trying harder” in using known agile methods only because agile has no answer to such questions as legal organizational structure strategy, inspiration, or the role of support departments such as finance or HR.

For this reason, necessary key components for a successful enterprise agile transformation must be found outside of agile in other streams of development. These other streams can more readily guide us in developing:

  • Continuous improvement strategies necessary to enable self-sufficiency and adaptation in every department - not just the software department.
  • The executive and board roles in driving organizational agility.
  • Processes, strategies, and structures that enable the current culture to self-organize for company-wide agility.

We suggest “BOSSA nova” as a composite of four streams of development that, together, can lead us toward a broad enterprise agile transformation. The acronym stands for: B = Beyond Budgeting, OS = Open Space, S = Sociocracy, and A = Agile. Bossa nova, the style of music, is a synthesis of samba and jazz. Similarly BOSSA nova, the enterprise strategy, is a synthesis of different streams of development. Bossa nova is also an intricate dance, where dancers adapt their steps to the music, and their movements and their spirit in turn influences the musicians. In the same way, BOSSA nova helps your company adapt to its complex context and also influence that context. And finally, Bossa nova in Portuguese means new trend, new wave - which is how we envision a true business agility transformation.

In this session, I will focus on the OSS in BOSSA nova and how those two streams of development (Open Space and Sociocracy) can be leveraged for a successful agile business transformation. These two components focus on answering the questions about the strategy for the legal organizational structure and the incorporation of the inspiration.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Following are the major discussion points of the session:

  • How can executives and the board play a role in driving organizational agility?
  • How can the organizational structure ensure alignment and equivalence?
  • How does culture drive organizational agility success? What cultural changes are necessary to enable organizational agility and how can they occur smoothly?
  • What are the key components for establishing a long-term continuous improvement strategy?

Learning Outcome

The primary takeaway will be to become familiar with Open Space and Sociocracy as new management methods. The session will help participants step outside of their familiar frameworks, giving them new ways to look at their company. The new perspectives will give them fresh ideas for how to handle persistent and vexing challenges. Specifically, participants will:

  • Learn how to empower teams and individuals and how to make a hierarchy agile.
  • Understand how to select people for roles to ensure new leaders can emerge quickly when the need for change demands different leadership skills.
  • Understand shared decision making that ensures the kind of full buy-in required to implement change quickly.
  • Learn how alignment and autonomy can be combined by allowing teams & individuals to follow their passion bound by responsibility.

Target Audience

Managers, Executives, Change Agents, Business Consultants & Coaches



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