In today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, every organization has to reorient itself on account of the changing business landscape. Due to the changing market context, new threats may be introduced and the old operating model will not enable the organization to act rapidly. Organization must explore
opportunities to minimize waste, reduce handovers, improve transparency, reduce bureaucracy, and empower people. In order for the organization to still maintain its relevance in the market, it has to optimize its operating models and restructure itself by introducing new frameworks, tools, processes and roles and responsibilities. Team
members have to redefine themselves in all the departments ranging from software development, project management, HR, Finance across the entire value stream till the CXO office.

In order manage the volatility in the market place the organization has to place emphasis on business and organizational agility.

This talk has been developed based on live experience and real time implementation which is proven at the workplace, specifically for large enterprises in the Information Technology domain.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

a)What is Business Agility and Organizational Agility

b) Challenges with the current System

c) Organizational barriers to achieve Business and Organizational Agility

d) What has worked with us

e) Key takeaways

- How to distinguish between Business Agility and Organizational Agility

- Why both are equally important for the survival of the organization

- How to implement business Agility and Organizational Agility

- Vision for the future

Learning Outcome

Will highlight the following aspects -

a) WHY Change? How to construct a Bigger Purpose
b) How can we make the organization nimble to enhance business and organizational agility?
c) How to identify silos in the organization and remove barriers
d) How the cultural and mind-set change will happen
e) How the various roles will enable organizations to deliver faster and improve business agility
f) Proposed framework to address these issues
g) Benefits of using the framework for organizational restructuring and transformation like organizational alignment, team agility and business agility

Target Audience

Agile Coach, Leaders, Scrum Masters, Executives,Product Owner

Prerequisites for Attendees




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