Application programming interfaces (APIs) are re-framing the business opportunity within financial services. Digital business strategy executives are ideally placed to bridge the technology divide and articulate how an API strategy can realize their business vision. This case-study explores how digital business executives should look beyond the technical jargon and understand how to influence business transformation using APIs.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Introduction, Context Setting and run-through Agenda [5 mins]
  2. Understand briefly the concept of Microservices / APIs [5 mins]
  3. Why are API-based architectures desirable from "Continuous Delivery" perspective [10 mins]
  4. How intelligent "API designs" are driving Business Agility & Innovation in the Banking / FinTech world [20 mins]
  5. Synopsis of API Classifications [5 mins]
  6. Close

Learning Outcome

  1. How APIs Are transforming the new age Banking
  2. Different API Use Cases that are fueling Digital Financial Services
  3. Need for close collaboration with Business Technology colleagues to drive API Strategy

Target Audience

Executives, Architects, Product Owners, Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

basic understanding of Digital Transformations.



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Public Feedback

    • 45 Mins
      Case Study

      In this age of a variety of cloud-based-services for virtual Mobile Test Labs, building a real-(mobile)-device lab for Test Automation is NOT a common thing – it is difficult, high maintenance, expensive! Yet, I had to do it!

      Attend this talk to understand the Why, What and How I built my own MAD-LAB (Mobile Automation Devices LAB). The discussion will include –

      • Understanding the context,
      • Why no cloud-based solution worked for me,
      • The automation strategy for Android / iOS / Web platform,
      • The tech-stack (cucumber-jvm / Appium), and,
      • The core implementation to build your own MAD-LAB! (already open-sourced)
      • How this results in Continuous Delivery (CD)