Stress-free Continuous Delivery Using Sensible Information Radiators

Did you know that the position of the build monitor affects the speed at which build failures are fixed? Did you know that using some colors in your build monitor can render it useless to 1 in 9 men? Do you wish to know when to use the Red-Amber-Green color scheme and when to avoid it, in your information radiators? If these discussions interest you, then this session is for you.

When teams deliver increments of working software using a continuous delivery pipeline, it becomes important to close the feedback loop by letting the team members know as soon as possible when something fails. This interactive session aims to create discussions about the mechanism of human cognition and response and how taking some extra care in designing information radiators can optimize the human response time to anything wrong happening in the delivery pipeline.

Disclaimer: This Talk Proposal has been submitted for participation purposes only and is not intended to serve as an advice of any nature whatsoever. Opinions are my own and not my employer's.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • A very short intro to Continuous Delivery
  • Source of Stress in a CD system
  • Information Radiators Vs. Information Refrigerators
  • Visual Information Radiators
    • Does position affect response time?
    • What colors can we use?
    • Misuse of RAG(Red-Amber-Green) color scheme
  • Auditory Information Radiators
    • Effect of position
    • Sound characteristics - How do they affect response time
  • Summary
  • Q&A

Learning Outcome

1. Differences between Information Radiator and it’s evil-twin Information Refrigerator
2. A systematic view of human cognition
3. Different types of Information Radiators for Continuous Delivery
4. How to design Information Radiators to reduce stress and response times?
5. Multiple information radiators that you can try in your workplace to get your CD pipeline up and running.

Target Audience

Agile team members, Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

None. If the participants have worked in a team practicing CI or CD, that would be an add-on benefit but not having that experience wouldn't hamper following the session.

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