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Migration to Cloud is the need of an hour as it brings in the required agility to the way the applications are built and hosted. With ever changing business needs, Cloud enables the agility to deliver high quality software quickly and that too consistently. In the current market scenarios, it provides significant benefits to the organizations to be able to respond swiftly to changing business needs.

As a seasoned technologist, this talk will be my experience sharing on migrating a business critical enterprise application to be Cloud Native. It will allow me to take you to our journey and share our experiences/learnings on the way about how it brought a change in our mindset while designing the application to be fault tolerant and resilient to failures, what are the processes/tools that worked for us, what are the challenges that we faced and overall what have we actually achieved out of it.

All in all how it moved us one step closer to DevOps :)


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Following will be the draft outline of the talk-

  • Why migration to Cloud?
  • What is Cloud Native?
  • How we achieved migration?
  • Tools & processes that worked for us
  • How we designed our Cloud Native application
  • Challenges we faced
  • What all have we achieved with this
  • What’s the way forward

Learning Outcome

This will give the insights to the audience about why, what and how of migration to Cloud native. It will provide the data points to decide if this is worth the effort and money.

Target Audience

All stakeholders of Software development process


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