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Enterprise Agile Transformations are tough. Leading them is even tougher.

This workshop caters to all levels of maturity - beginner, intermediate, advanced and executive because everyone is in this journey together.

In this session, I share a practitioner's perspective, without the academic jargon and the deep philosophical underpinnings, to design a transformation playbook that is built on learnings in our Agile transformation journey. 

The transformation playbook has a set of practices, key learnings and templates that we will use in the 45-minute workshop to work through your journey in your organisation. You will walk out of this session with a better understanding of how to apply some new tools, frameworks and practices to guide and support your transformation. 

The conversation is by a change agent to change agents who are at different stages in their Agile adoption journey, some starting, some restarting and others, in the thick of it.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This workshop is a fast paced, highly-interactive style with war stories and real-life examples of the challenges to be shared with the audience to bring out similar examples that they would be undergoing in their roles. Audience will be provided with material to build templates to support their Agile adoption in their role as change agents. 

Define Agile for Your Organisation?

  • Mindset, Framework, Value (Define the burning desire to build buy-in from business for adoption)
  1. People centric – creating the right environment for high performance
  2. Start with the end in mind – start small and incrementally grow
  3. Inspect and adapt
  4. Framework set to better respond to change
  5. Agile implementation should also be incremental and iterative

Build the Enterprise Agile Transformation Model

  1. Strategy and Engagement
  2. Delivery
  3. Business Agility
  4. Tools and Template

Define – Business Benefits and Results

  1. Reduced Lead Time
  2. Time to Kick-off Initiatives
  3. Quality of Releases
  4. Agile Team Maturity

Business Agility

  1. Engagement
  2. Setup
  3. Pilots
  4. Scale
  5. Ecosystem

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be engaged in a workshop-style session to work off a series of templates and build their own version of a TRANSFORMATION PLAYBOOK as a takeaway from this session which will have the following items. 

  1. Identify key drivers to “sell” Agile internally
  2. Template to tailor-make an approach for your organisation
  3. Template for Enterprise Agile Transformation Model
  4. Define metrics for business benefits depending on drivers
  5. Template for continuous improvement

Whilst each audience member working on their organisational initiative will have a different perspective and world-view, the effort and intention here is to empower them as a change agent in their journey to take it to the next level. 

Target Audience

The target audience of this workshop you, the change agent and hence the output is the TRANSFORMATION PLAYBOOK to guide and support you to lead Enterprise Agile Transformation for your organisation.


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