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“We have tons of data, we don’t do enough with it”. Sound familiar? This is a familiar refrain from CxOs and Product leaders.

Entire business models today hinge on the ability to extract value out of data. At the same time, Data orgs within companies have fallen behind on being able to extract maximum value from the data. As the quantum of data available explodes, and there is tremendous appetite to derive insight from the data, it is vital to ensure that the entire company has the right mindset and the right tooling for dealing with data.

This session focusses on the key elements of building a data culture: How do we transform the organisation’s cultural fabric to make data a central part of the ethos.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

[5 min] Session setup and introduction.

[10 min] Data democratisation: Liberate the organisation's data mojo.

  • Deal with data from disparate systems
  • Enable your Data org to work on business problems, rather than data problems
  • Ensure data permeates to your last employee
  • Entrench data into the discourse

[10 min] Product Analytics and User Insight: Propagate the cult of the User.

  • Discover what the customer wants, rather than what we think the customer wants
  • Measure customer engagement with Machine Learning
  • Correlation, causation, pinch of salt et al.

[15 min] Experimentation at scale: Let the data decide.

  • Build-Measure-Learn and flavours thereof
  • Designing experiments to maximise learning and drive decisions
  • Statistical Significance: Making numbers work in your favour
  • Enabling experimentation on your product: How does the tech work

[5 min] Q&A and wrap-up

Learning Outcome

  • Founders and leadership: How can we set up the gridlines for a highly effective and vibrant data culture within the organisation.
  • Data evangelists: How can data to take control of the organisation's destiny.
  • Technology leaders: How do we build the right tooling to democratise data and experimentation for maximum impact.

Target Audience

Founders and senior leadership, data evangelists, technology leaders


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