The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: Harmonizing Agile and Lean

An agile enterprise increases value through effective execution and delivery in a timely and reactive manner. Such organizations do this by streamlining the flow of information, ideas, decision making, and work throughout the overall business process all the while improving the quality of the process and business outcomes.   This talk describes, step-by-step, how to evolve from today’s vision of agile software development to a truly disciplined agile enterprise. It argues for the need for a more disciplined approach to agile delivery that provides a solid foundation from which to scale. It then explores what it means to scale disciplined agile strategies tactically at the project/product level and strategically across your IT organization as a whole. Your disciplined agile IT strategy, along with a lean business strategy, are key enablers of a full-fledged disciplined agile enterprise. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Topics covered:

  • What does it mean to scale agile?
  • What does it mean to scale agile tactically?
  • What does it mean to scale agile strategically?

Learning Outcome

You will learn:

  • Learn how agile delivery works beginning to end with enterprise-class organizations
  • Understand what it means to tactically scale agile delivery
  • Understand what it means to strategically scale agile techniques across your IT department

Target Audience

Agile and lean practitioners working in enterprise-class settings



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