Clear and Effective Requirements are a key component of any Product Development LifeCycle (PDLC).

In Agile, requirements are collected using User Stories; in this talk I will share my experience with requirements in Agile highlighting some challenges the team may face.

Moreover we'll cover couple of basic aspects to reduce wastes during the product Vision and Ideation through cross-functional collaboration.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Requirement in Agile - form and why
  • Challenges I faced with User Stories - why
  • Importance of cross-functional team identity and culture
    • speaking same language
    • sharing common values
  • how to reduce wastes increasing collaboration
  • results we had after the changes
    • good / bad examples; following INVEST mnemonic
  • Closing

Learning Outcome

1. `Requirements and high quality software is a responsibility of the whole cross-functional team

2. Common problems you may face once moving into Agile

3. Basic aspects related to User Stories such as elements and structure of the story as well as following the INVEST

Target Audience

Product Managers, Quality Engineers, Developers



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