Symbiosis of Lean UX and Globalization

User Experience and User Interface Design are a key aspect of 21st century products and are usually positioned very early in the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC).

During the talk we will put the emphasis on the collaboration among Software Engineers, Product Owners and User Designers aimed to ensure your product is Global 1st starting from the Design Conception phases through static analysis of Design mockups.

We’ll cover the major points to achieve it technically through some software architecture guidelines, upstream testing activities and Internationalization best practices based on CLDR and Unicode to limit the

Define clear rules for static analysis, explicit recommendation based on CLDR and Unicode to limit the number of country-specific customization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • General overview of worldwide markets - why going Global
  • Good / Bad examples of Global 1st and Mobile 1st websites, and why
  • Reinforce on importance to be Mobile 1st - market trend
  • Collaboration across QA, Dev, PO and UED, to build the right product from the beginning - Why and how
  • Preventative testing through static analysis of UX/UI patterns and mockups
  • Necessity to define clear rules for locale specific information (Personal Names, Currencies, Numbers, Phone Numbers)
    • Define design patterns and formats based on Unicode/CLDR
  • Necessity to define clear rules for Content & Design Strategy
  • Common I18n problems Software Engineers may face - Text Fragmentation, Text Expansion, Text Overlap
    • Definition of guidelines for text expansion
  • Spaghetti Code - how to limit it
  • Importance of Automation testing - emphasis on Unit and E2E tests
  • Adoption of Pseudo-Localization for testing activities
  • Difference between Velocity and Speed
  • Closing

Learning Outcome

1. Major problems organizations face once scaling the product globally

2. New technique of Upstream testing based on UX/UI analysis

3. Importance of strong cross-functional collaboration between UX, Dev, QA and PO to build the right product from the beginning, reducing time-wasting situations.

Target Audience

Software Developers, User Designers, Quality Engineers



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