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Lean Startup is a great process to build new businesses. But when it comes to going from theory to practice, our faith in the process is tested and most often, teams give up to a "seemingly" simple and faster approach of building produces - based on gut feel and seeing what sticks.

It’s a Friday evening. There are two people in the conference room and they have been talking to their laptops for about 15 minutes. Vaidy is the founder and Arun is a Product Manager. At the other end of the Skype call, is an owner of a well-known yoga studio in Bangalore.

Another 15 minutes go by and Vaidy mentions “We’ll charge 5% of all the transactions that go through GoodKarma.”

GoodKarma is an application with a mission to help yoga practitioners grow through deliberate and consistent practice. One of the shorter-term goals of GoodKarma is to help yoga studio owners run their studios better.

The person on the other side gets worked-up “5% is just too high!” Vaidy calmly justifies why 5% is, in fact, a small number for the benefit he is getting.

Another 10 minutes go by. Arun and Vaidy are high-fiving!
They’ve just signed up the 5th customer this month, who’s agreed to start a trial on GoodKarma and be a paying customer.

Vaidy: “We better start building the product, fast!”

In this talk, I'll present our story of building a product using Lean Startup methods. How we went from an Idea to the story above and then shipping the product out. The challenges we faced and how we overcame them.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • How we built a cross-functional team and pivoted 4 times in the last 5 months.
    Many of the pivots, even before we wrote any code.
  • How we are spinning our build-measure-learn loops faster and using the theory of constraints to pick what to work on.
  • I’ll also share the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Learning Outcome

After listening to the talk, my hope is that Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs will come to expect these challenges, endure with the process and overcome them using creative thinking.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Product Managers



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