5 Beliefs That Predict Enterprise Agile Success

Organizations struggle to adopt Agile practices because their cultures do not encourage or support Agile ways of working. Examining the beliefs of leaders and professionals in organizations can reveal insights about the organization's readiness for change. The five beliefs discussed in this presentation help organizations to have an honest, and often revealing, conversation about why they want to become Agile, and how far they are willing to go to adopt Agile principles, practices, and mindsets. By helping organizations understand what they really value, discussions about beliefs can reveal potential barriers to adopting Agile practices and mindsets. Understanding these barriers is essential to overcoming them and achieving the benefits of Agility.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. Why and how Agility challenges the traditional organizational mindset
  2. The 5 Beliefs That Predict Enterprise Agile Success
  3. How Beliefs Can Be Changed
  4. How To Get Started

Learning Outcome

  1. To understand how beliefs and values shape behavior
  2. To understand the beliefs that are essential to Agile success
  3. To understand how to change those beliefs over time
  4. To understand where to start in an Enterprise Agile transformation

Target Audience

Anyone responsible for an Agile transformation initiative, no matter what the scale.

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