Sharing a experience and implementation aspects of implementation of Agile where the assessors and typical safety standards do not back Agile as a reliable framework and typically rely on waterfall or V-Model only. Ours was a breakthrough in implementation of Agile in the project as well as a Success story with applause from the Assessor, Customer and also the Organization for never before success like this.


What is safety relevant Projects?

Answer - The projects where we work on products which has direct impact on human safety if implemented and used. for an example software implemented for flight navigation - if the navigation goes wrong can lead to an accident and hence threat to human life.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Overview of safety related projects

Why these Projects are not PRO-Agile

Typical life cycle expectation

NON-Agile Side of it

Why Agile makes sense here

Customization with regards to Agile

Making sure regulatory expectations are adhered

The Success Factor


Learning Outcome

- Key aspects of why Assessors Do Not Believe in Agile S/W Development Frameworks here


- Understanding the key areas to address the fear

- The solution aspects to the problems defined by These Projects and the standards

- How to make it a success story when no one believe in it

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Agile Process Consultants, Members working in Stringent Process driven & Safety projects, All who

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