Personalize and Spice Up Your Startup's Continuous Integration with a Raspberry Pi

"Congratulations, Raj! Your first commit has passed the Continuous Integration Gate!" - The announcement from a digital speaker fills the team's work space. The entire team starts cheering for Raj immediately. Raj displays a surprised look and delivers a shy smile.  The day has been made for Raj, whose first AND 'green' commit just went in after days of learning and on-boarding.

Want to implement this in your start-up or enterprise? Are you worried about the cost of this system?

All it takes is just a tiny computer called Raspberry Pi, that can fit in your hand and most importantly, whose cost can fit your wallet!

The cost can be as low as 40$ per team.

Join this session to explore variety of human-touches that you can create for your team to keep the team engaged and motivated.

This session explores ways of integrating Raspberry Pi with various Agile tools to create 'Aha!' moments for the team.


Raspberry Pi with a CI System

A cheap wallboard with Raspberry Pi




Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Introductions - 3 mins
  • Demo - First check-in scenario - 3 mins
  • What is Raspberry Pi? - 5 mins
  • Why Raspberry Pi? - 3 mins
  • Why Human touch is meaningful? - 3 mins
  • Pre-requisites - 3 mins
  • Architecture of the System - 10 mins
  • Can it work with existing CI systems? - 5 mins
  • Demo - 8 Scenarios - 25 mins
    • Congratulate when first successful commit is made by person
    • Raise alarm when build fails
    • Thank the person who fixed the build
    • Notify when branch merge commits are pushed
    • Drive real-time sprint tracking
    • Alert when a blocker is created
    • Congratulate when a blocker is resolved, stating the resolution time
    • Reflect current CI status using colored bulbs
  • Code walkthrough - 15 mins
  • Github Repo Sharing - 3 mins
  • Where can you go from here? - 3 mins
  • Q & A - 10 mins

Learning Outcome

The participants will leave the session

  • Knowing how to use Raspberry Pi to make meaningful notification systems for team
  • With code samples (Github Repository) that they can use directly in their teams
  • Understanding that you need not burn a hole in wallet to build CI systems with personal touch

Target Audience

Devops, Scrum Masters, Startup Founders, Developers, Testers, Techies

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