"From Doing Agile to Being Agile Together” - One Organisation’s Foray into the World of Agile

An experience report of a large financial organisation of Being Agile


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Context Setting

Who we are:

  • Large multinational providing financial services for the last 40+ years
  • Trusted brand, privately held
  • Strong technical capabilities
  • Large mainframe legacy systems

The Operating Environment:

  • Disruption in the Financial services industry
    • Accelerated rate of technological change leading to shifting customer preferences in terms of how people address their financial needs
    • New opportunities
    • Customer segmentation
  • Tightened regulatory considerations

Our Agile Journey

How we responded to the changed environment in which we operate :

  • Review of the Technology Delivery Model
  • Focus on Digital
  • Creation of governance groups to help projects adopt recommended practices and tools that facilitate the ability to respond to changing needs without being overly prescriptive about the details in a bid to retain the quality of agility (ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing needs)
  • Encouraged process innovation

What we learnt:

  • Governance forums were helpful to define and coach process and tools
  • Teams adopted the spirit of “Doing Agile”
  • Teams and people varied significantly in their understanding of what the goal of a changed way of working would entail and what it was to achieve
  • Different departments (Business and Technology) interpreted agility and adapted their processes to the same in silo resulting in process friction and delays in areas of collaboration

The Current Focus: “Being Agile Together”:

  • Concentrate on a common culture and belief system as opposed to processes and tools
  • Survey based approach to understand the challenges at various hierarchies (focus on 5 pillars)
  • Building Top level alignment (training and coaching at the top most level)
  • Driving convergence through the creation of a cross functional (Business and Technology) agile forum
  • Creating a common agile language
    • Definition of a set of common generic agile principles for Business and Technology around which techniques and practices are to be built
    • Common set of Agile Foundational Training focussing on “Being Agile”
    • Coaching

Learning Outcome

  • Importance of Being Agile
  • Need for custom-centric approach
  • Identifying target audience and taking them on same page
  • Challenges faced by large companies in adopting Agile large scale

Target Audience

CXO, Heads, Process Consultants, Agile Teams, Non IT Teams

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