3 Minute Improv Games to Improve Your Teams

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You will be surprised to learn that Improv Teams and Software Teams have many similarities; The same techniques Improv Teams use to turn a group of random individuals into Great Team Players can be used by Software Teams to improve Collaboration, Creativity, Communication & Trust.

This unique workshop will have attendees out of their seats and on their feet actively practicing the concepts Improv Teams use to develop Great Team Players. Practicing the four essential qualities of a Great Team Player: Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Trust, not only shows attendees how they can become a Great Team Player, but also how to train others within their organization. This hands on workshop provides actionable material for participants to use immediately upon returning to work.  A flier with the top 20 games is included for every participant.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This was very successful at Agile Games 2015 in Boston.  At that time I did a 20 minute presentation followed by 70 minutes of games.  I have found lately that people prefer an even shorter introduction to the material and more games, so now I give a 5 minute introduction followed by 80 minutes of games.  Between each game I explain what we learn from playing each particular game.   We will cover 12-15 games and have 5 minutes for questions at the end.  This is a fun and fast paced presentation.  Almost all participants leave with a smile on their face.

Learning Outcome


  • You'll see first hand how these games will help your teams as we play 12-15 games.
  • You'll learn the same techniques Improv teachers use to train people to become Great Team Players.
  • After attending this workshop you'll be able to start your meetings with any of the 60 different 3 minute games at:http://www.teamfirstdevelopment.com/warm-ups/. These free games all work well over the phone and can be replayed.
  • You'll learn how to bring some fun back to your workplace.

Target Audience

Anyone that wants to become a Great Team Player or develop Great Team Players



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