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It's great to come to conferences and hear all the good advice from lost of smart and experienced people.

But how likely are we to take our insights back and drive real change? What stops us from really changing the world?

It's a truism that an inpidual can't beat the system, right? So how do we go about making change a collective agenda? How do we encourage leadership everywhere? We start by focusing on others rather than ourselves.

In this interactive session I lead a series of small activities that model how we can go from a discussion with our friend about how things should be to leading change across the organisation. 

I run three small discussions. Each one is designed to teach a method for increasing influence and effecting organisational change.  We pick the theme of "When I saw someone do something great/amazing at work" and each iteration we increase the number of people in the discussion, and make the stories more personal.

This shows how in just three iterations of a discussion we can totally change the way we interact with the environment (i.e. the people in the wider business) and drive braver conversations.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Opening statement to anchor the session with a context and goal

I then ask the room to conduct three 5 minute discussions with a short debrief on each one.

At the end I ask some people to come to the front of the room and share their story.

I then close with an appreciation and a summary of what just happened and how it can inform people's behaviors back at work.

Learning Outcome

People learn a pattern for growing their influence and driving change across a network of stake-holders.

People have the ability to take other things they learned at the conference and influence their team mates to adopt potential changes.

Target Audience



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Public Feedback

    • Richard Sheridan

      Richard Sheridan - Build a Workplace People Love – Just add Joy

      Richard Sheridan
      Richard Sheridan
      Menlo Innovations
      schedule 5 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins

      The CIO invited me into his office and closed the door. Before he took me for a tour of his operation, he had a few stories to share. Important stories. Last year’s project was a disaster. Late, lots of quality issues, in short, a failure in every dimension. His boss, the CEO, had just presented him with a very personal ultimatum: deliver the next project by April 4th, "or else". 

      "Or else what," I asked?

      His team was burned out and scared. They were a hard-working and dedicated group, but fear and demoralization had set in and he didn't know what to do next. That’s why he wanted to talk to me, he had heard things about my company, things that seemed too good to be true, but he had to hear them firsthand. He wanted hope, inspiration, and a practical way to get there.

      I told him about my own journey from joy to fear to disillusionment back to joy. It was simple, but, of course, simple isn’t easy. I wasn’t sure he and his organization were ready; "manufactured fear" is a powerful drug.

      In this talk, I will share with you what I shared with him. I will explore what an intentionally joyful culture must choose as its focus. I will discuss what joy looks like, feels like, how it is organized. Along the way, you will be confronted by paradoxical approaches of how workplace noise increases productivity, how two people at one computer outperforms hero-based organizations 10-to-1, how rigor and discipline emanate from a shared-belief system, how transparency conquers fear, how all of the disciplines you study including agile, lean, and six sigma when done well are really about building human relationships at the intersections of business and technology, between project management and software development, between development and design and how quality can be a natural result of a team built on trust. This is not a theoretical talk, but rather a talk built from well over a decade of experience of leading a team focused on “the business value of joy”. There will be lots of room for discussion with the audience. The audience will begin to understand why thousands of people make the journey to Ann Arbor, Michigan every year to see The Menlo Software Factory firsthand, and why so many more are reading about it in Joy, Inc. – How We Built A Workplace People Love.

    • Craig Brown

      Craig Brown - Prioritizing backlogs across diverse stakeholders simply and easily

      Craig Brown
      Craig Brown
      Everest Engineering
      schedule 5 years ago
      Sold Out!
      20 Mins
      Can we get 100 people to agree on what to prioritise to the top of a backlog? Sure we can. Can we identify a reliable systematic system we can use to get this done in just a few minutes? Of course we can.
      Requires 100 people to meet the claims in the session, but we can run this with ANY amount of people from 3 (Easy!) to 300 (Equally easy!)
      I learned this one from Alistair Cockburn in a pub. It's a neat trick.
    • Mohit Jain

      Mohit Jain - Release planning for a multi-team scenario - Hands-on workshop

      90 Mins

      As part of this workshop, audience would participate in a release planning simulation wherein they would be representing multiple teams.

      During the course of the simulation, they will identify risks, resolve dependencies and call out assumptions to ensure that the planning has a high confidence vote.