Absolutely Not.. however, how often you have seen people claim they don't know what they are doing because they work in "an agile team" or that they don't need PMs anymore as there is no planning? In this session, the speaker talks about his personal experiences of how to effectively plan in Agile teams, highlighting key insights into what are commonalities and differences of agile planning and execution in a startup vs those in large enterprises.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  1. Does your agile team has effective planning?
  2. How can "leaders" help?
  3. Tips for "efficient planning" in "agile teams"
  4. Q & A



Learning Outcome

The participants of this session will learn how to maximize impact of planning in Agile teams and how "continuous planning" is an essential for forming a successful agile team, with insights into commonalities and differences of processes across different stages of organizations. 



Target Audience

Leaders, Senior Managers and Executive decision makers

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