Lean-Agile way: Increase Value generation with increase execution speed and reduce cycle time

As we know Lean is as much philosophy as it is approach and Agle method based on 4 value and 12 principles.The basic idea is to increase or enhance customer value while reducing waste.The agile approach implements the Lean basic concepts in software development and emphasizes the customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the development process . The agile approach attempts to deliver working software continuously, which enables checking by demonstrations whether the customer needs are fulfilled. The overall goal of Lean development,instead, is to reach a smooth, continuous flow of production with a minimumwaste and maximum flexibility in the process

In this session I would like to share a case study on Lean - agile(a Hybrid) approach, how we have reduced the cycle time goal, improve the product quality in Industrial Automation software product development arena

  • how we have deployed Lean-Agile hybrid model.
  • How we have used Lean thinking which emphasizes value-adding production.
  • How we have optimizing the whole with sustainability and speed.
  • How we have developed Value Generation process( Value Strem Mapping)
  • Flat team structure and learning
  • Waste reduction drive
  • Cultural transformation in lean deployment
  • Visual management for contineous production flow

 I have written one paper for QAI STC 2014 conference , and I am presenting the same paper on 4th December


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

I will share the case study in below sequence

  • What was the problem statement ? context or trigger to think Lean-Agile.
  • Design lean-agile approach
  • Execution challenges in Industrial Automation product development
  • Factors to consider
  • Our achievements and Lessoned Learned


Learning Outcome

  • Guideline to Deploy lean-Agile philosophy
  • Value Generation process( Our defination)
  • Why Cultural Transformation require?
  • Cycle time reduction

Target Audience

Scrum master, Agile coach, Line management, Program manager, Software Developer

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