Trust and Committment, a two point mantra for a successful agile projects in offshore

Agile projects success (or failure) depends on two key points in an offshore setuo i.e. Trust and Commitment. Lack of either can cause serious trouble in agile projects as they say "You can't solve people problems with policies". So a lack of Trust on each other (Customer and Supplier) leads to rigid, complicated, lengthy SLA driven contracts and both side fight over it by taking oath of 'the contract'. Trust comes from knowing each other well and it takes some serious commitment to build trust. Committment from Customer should be is to treat its supplier more as partner or equal stakeholder in the project and invest in making a strong, trustworthy relationship early in the project to build a long lasting bond. Also, equally from a supplier committment is to understand its Customer challenge and help them to achieve their business goals. A committed supplier will invest in its people to produce a best quality product for its Customer and be transparent with their (and customer) organisation culture and its challenges and openly discuss how to overcome those. A bond based on Trust and Commitment goes a long way and bring a very healthy environment for people working in that environment.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be a talk where we shall be discsussing the importance of Trust and Commitment to build a right agile environment where people can work without any fear in an open and transparent environment. The session will discuss about what does Trust and Commitment brings to Customer and Supplier and what other factor e.g. People, Culture, Communication are important to build a product/project in an agile environment.

Learning Outcome

In this talk we will learn the importance of creating an environment based on Trust and Commitment between a Customer and Supplier. We will discuss what it takes to build this environment and what benefit it brings to a project specially in an offshore environment I shall also be presenting some example from some agile transformation that I did with distributed team and how we (Customer) invested 'emotional capital' early in the project to build a strong relationship with our offshore partner and build a multi-million dollor product. We basically be talking about the following important factor to build a successful agile teams in an offshore environment

- Trust

- Transparency

- Communication

- Culture

- Committment and

- People


Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Programme Director/Manager, CIO, CEO, VPs, Scrum Masters

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Public Feedback

    • Arijit Sarbagna

      Arijit Sarbagna - Agile Offshoring: Touching the right chord

      20 Mins

      More often we jump in to the Agile bandwagon - bit prematurely. And mostly as we try to do so, we fall flat (well, there are exceptions of course) & jump to an off-shoring organization. The good news is, by doing so - we may have just taken the second (i.e. after deciding to go Agile) right step i.e. if we don't have the expertise in house, bringing in the talent from outside makes most sense. But we need to keep in mind; unless we ourselves are not having an open mind to embrace the changes, we are most likely to fail despite all our good intentions.


      Basis of this talk:

      I am working on Agile onsite-offshore model for last 10+ years (with total 15+ years in the service industry). Over these years, have dealt with numerous small (2-3 teams - all co-located) to large scale (75+ teams, spread across multiple geographical boundaries) Agile engagements & have worked as consultant to several projects. Offshoring is a big challenge - not only to our clients, but also to ourselves - as we often fight the situation, where customer is either too rigid on Agile expectations or too much bent towards traditional PM style. Bringing the right mix is always the tough ask - that is where the success of the project depends.