Impact of People issue in agile process

Agile manifesto for software development put lot of stress on Individuals and interactions.

Important of customer collaboration for solution development.

Responding to change where the process challenges to all members to come out from their comfort zone.

If team has rotten apple in the basket! How can teams identify the issue and change the DNA of the rotten apple. 

What are the various symptoms which indicate team to take special care to stop team members becoming rot?

Team does not have generalist; most of them are specialist then how to create a best agile team?

We cannot hire, we cannot fire but we have to maintain the execution speed, than how should we perform and transform? Do team have cow boy performer? if yes what is the impact of outcome for agile team building?

Distributed agile with different geographical location with cultural resistance and work assignment issues.

How can Organization improve the situation? We always never get world class team, so how to transform?

Challenges comes when convincing customer to participate in agile process is an expensive process.Feedback loop is disconnected.

Tradional models are process centric and Agile is more people centric, Leadership style was more command and control and in Agile it is more on collaboration, in traditional model it was more specialist and Agile we have more generelist , self driven , self organized team. People factor is more critical in agile process.

In this talk I will share my experience with people factor and how various steps improved the situation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Steps to influence organization culture. How proper structure improves most of the organizational execution speed which otherwise becomes bottle neck.
  • Steps, How sharing “team member” across agile team improve the overall effectiveness?
  • Steps , How can organization identify few factors and train and mentor those issue and resolve?
  • Steps: How recruitment and training strategy address most of the issue
  • Steps:How "Be a Zoologist" mindset discovers various issues from a team and help team members to become "A team"

Learning Outcome

  • Introduction 
  • How scrum of scrum resolve impediment related to Geo-political issues and resolve issues with the help of executive committees.
  • Organizational readiness checklist to adopting agile. 
  • How to address cultural issue with distributed scrum geographically apart location.
  • Leadership changes for agile process.
  • Few factors to consider.
  • How can we build Intrepreneur mindset and transform Agile team
  • How diversified cultural company like ABB where team members are working from Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, India collaborating seamlessly and making successful agile project

Target Audience

Scrum master, Product owner, line organization


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