Get to understand the motivations of your team quickly through the Moving Motivators game! This card game includes 10 intrinsic motivators (e.g. Mastery, Curiosity, Order) that each person puts in ranks order, then briefly describes why.

We will debrief the game and talk about how useful this will be with teams in your own organization.


Outline/Structure of the Fast Games

1 min - Intro

1 min - Game Instructions

5 min - Individual's rank their 10 values

5 min - 5 volunteers do a 1 minute readout

5 min - Debrief

3 min - Q/A

Learning Outcome

  • Know YOUR ranked values
  • Experience Moving Motivators
  • Understand Facilitation of Moving Motivators

Target Audience

Knowledge Workers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Willingness to share

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