Visualize your workflow, improve value delivery

Do you like pizza? Are you interested in Kanban? Do you want to focus more on delivering value quickly and effectively If so, there's no excuse for skipping this game!

In the Kanban Pizza Game, you will experience firsthand the benefits of a Kanban System, by simulating the frantic pace of ordering pizza. The Kanban Pizza Game demonstrates the path from an existing process to a Kanban System and starts right where you are unlike other Kanban games that usually focus only on the flow of an existing Kanban System.

You will learn to use the five basic practices of Kanban which are, visualize the workflow, limit Work-In-Progress, manage flow, make process policies explicit & minimize waste, and keep up with customer demand and at the end understand how Kanban and its evolutionary approach to change can be applied to software development. The game is fun, the activity level stays high and it offers a complex simulation that includes changes in flow, while the difficulty progresses.

Whether you are a novice seeking to learn Kanban in a memorable way or a seasoned practitioner looking for a great simulation to teach Kanban to others, this is the session for you.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

0.00- Introduction

0.05- Warm up exercise

0.15- First round- Create an implicit process

Kanban always starts from an existing process. At the start of the game, the Participants get grips of paper pieces and constraints by building as many pizza slices (Hawaiian) as possible. A ready-made slice of the desired pizza is shown to the participants (What goes into the pizza: a slice of pizza base (paper triangle), tomato sauce (red marker), three slices of ham (pink Post-Its) and three slices of pineapple (yellow Post-Its).

Cooking instruction- There can be a maximum of three pizza slices in the oven at one time. Cooking time is at least 30 seconds. No adding or removing of slices while baking!

At the end of the round run a debrief and count the points.

0.25-Lecture- Introduce Kanban

Introduce Kanban and the core practices of Kanban: (These principles are going to be used throughout the game).

  • Visualize the Workflow
  • Limit your Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Manage the Flow
  • Implement Feedback Loops
  • Make Process Policies Explicit
  • Improve Collaboratively

Explain the scoring system. The scoring system is designed to promote limiting the WIP and also serves as an indirect measure of flow. Participants get to pick names for their pizzerias. Introduce limiting work in progress. Third Round- Use established Kanban system. Run a new one round with newly established Kanban system. At the end of the round run a debrief and count the points.

0.40-Third Round- extending the system

The game becomes a bit more complex by introducing the new Pizza Rucola recipe and the concept of customer orders. At the end of the round run a debrief and count the points.

0.55-Final round

The Participants gets some minutes to discuss and improve their system. They also visualize the process that is currently drawn on the tables with painter’s tape and create something that is closer to a real Kanban board. At the end of the round run a debrief and count the points.

1.15-Debrief (Question and Answer)

1.30- End of the game

This game was created by agile42, the coaching company and i will be using the game's instructions for this session.

Learning Outcome

  • Experience how a Kanban system emerges from an existing process, as it does in the real world
  • Understand the effect of limiting work in progress
  • Take a lead on continuous improvement
  • Create explicit policies
  • Have fun!

Target Audience

Anyone interested in managing workflow - People, who are interested in Kanban

Prerequisites for Attendees


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