Objective:  Get three principles in a row.

Materials:  Game Board (3x3 12" squares), Printed long principles.  Printed short principles.  Sticky notes.  Writing Tool.

Time box:  User Defined (Default to 90 minutes)

Flow:  Twelve agile principles are spread across a room.  Players vote with their feet by standing near the principle that could provide guidance on how to solve their biggest challenge.  With the most voted principle, the class creates and selects a challenge, then aligns practices that may mitigate each.  The outcome is a principle, challenge and practice mitigation grouping.  Class then rolls a dice to determine where the principle grouping will be placed on the game board.   After the selected principle has been placed, players vote again for the next highest value principle.  Game is over when players get 3 principle in a row or reach the time box.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

1.  [ 7 mins] Setup Room:  Facilitator briefly explains of each principle and distributes them around the room

REPEAT until three-in-a-row or time expires.

2.  [2 min] Select Principle.  Students stand near principle that could provide guidance on how to solve their biggest challenge

2.  [7 mins] Select Challenge.  With the most voted principle, facilitator collects challenges from players.  Players select top challenge with show of hands vote.

3.  [7 mins] Challenge mitigation.  Explore what agile practices may solve challenge.

4.  [1 mins] Post on game board.  Roll dice to determine where principle set is played on board.

5.  Win or REPEAT.  If players get 3 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, winner!  If time box has expired, game is over.  If neither, select a new principle.

*Note:  plan for 17 mins per round (principle)

Learning Outcome

Players will understand relationship between core agile principles, practices and real world challenges.

Players will receive introduction or refresh of various agile practices.

Players will learn vote-with-your-feet and raise had decision making techniques.

Players will have possible challenge solutions they can begin using immediately.

Target Audience

Everyone. Used to reset existing or start new teams.  

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