This energizing and connection building session will include three Constellation icebreaker games that are built to connect attendees with one another which leads to more productive sessions (e.g., workshops, training, etc.).  It will start with the Timeline Constellation, followed by the Blast-off Constellation, and concluded with the Orbital Constellation.  Each Constellation game provides a different way to learn about the participants.  Each game will get played and it will conclude with comparing and contrasting the three games so that the participate thinks through how each Constellation game can be used in their environment and upcoming session.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

It will start with introductions and an overview of what is a Constellation game - about 5 minutes.  A "Constellation Learning Worksheet" will be handed out for participants to take notes on what they learned about each constellation game.

It will start with the first constellation icebreaker game: Timeline Constellation - about 5 minutes  

It will be followed by the second constellation icebreaker game:Blast-off  Constellation - about 5 minutes

Then the third constellation icebreaker game will occur: Orbital Constellation - about 5 minutes  

The session will conclude with comparing and contrasting the three games (in the compare and contrast section of the Constellation Learning Worksheet) for participants to think through how each Constellation game can be used in their environment. I'll also ask the attendees to think of one upcoming session in their workplace where they can try one of the constellation icebreaker games and commit to applying it -  about 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

Participants will experience 3 different types of Constellation Icebreaker connection games that they can then take with them to incorporate into their own workshops, training, presentations. 

Participants will walk away with knowing how to implement three Constellation Icebreaker connection games: Timeline Constellation, Blast-off Constellation, Orbital Constellation

Participants will take-away their own Constellation Learning Worksheet which will include their notes on what they experienced, felt, and concluded on what were the similarities and differences of each of the Constellation Icebreaker connection games and in what ways they can be used in the participants environment.  

Target Audience

This session is designed for anyone who is a coach, champion, instructor, trainer, and leader who conducts sessions, workshops, training, presentations, and more who want to begin with a connection game to energize their session.

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