Sharon Bowman's Training From the Back of the Room brings games to teaching and training. This provides an immersive, hands-on learning experience. One of her key messages is "Do the thing to learn the thing." We have created an introductory class on the underlying principles of Agile. This class follows Sharon's 4C (Connection, Concept, Concrete Practice, and Close) map. We will present this class with a focus on the games that utilize Sharon Bowman's principles and reflect on how this class was constructed.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Training from the Back of the Room
  2. VFQ class with embedded games
    1. Agile Vocabulary Game
    2. Graphical Organizers
    3. Value including the Currency game
    4. Flow including the Penny game
    5. Quality with the Quick Draw game
  3. Reflection on constructing this class

Learning Outcome

  • Create training programs that incorporate agile games and accelerate learning

Target Audience

Coaches, consultants, trainers

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