Improv Your Agile or Scrum Stand-up PLUS Building a REAL Team

Your Agile Stand-up Meeting Sucks!


Most Agile and Scrum stand-up meetings I see are boring, lifeless, status meetings that don't provide any real value.


In this session you'll learn:


The REAL purpose of the daily stand-up

The most common bad habits and how to correct them

The habits good stand-up meetings have

How you can use Improv to invigorate your daily stand-up

A whole bunch of Improv exercises you can start using with your team right now!


PLUS You'll also learn how you can use Improv to start forming REAL teams. That is, teams that are greater than the sum of their parts!



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this session we’ll be getting on our feet and examining exactly how we can use Improv to improve dry, drab, and dull stand ups. We’ll flip the “Hive Switch” on our teams and get them to show up and be present. We’ll work on how we can make sure we’re energized, listening, focused, and making eye contact so that we can turn those dull status meetings into productive coordination sessions that help teams get to DONE.


This session has been run at several conferences including Agile Tour, Agile Open, Agile DC, SDEC and is the focus of an online video course:

Learning Outcome

What are the four qualities of a great stand-up?

What is the purpose of the daily stand-up?

What the "hive switch" is and why we'd want to flip it.

A series of activities you can use right before your daily stand-up to achieve all of the above.

Target Audience

Anyone looking to get their teams more gelled, energized and productive

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