This is one of my thought concluded after interaction with many enterprise coach Colleagues and I myself convince about this concepts which is working with me.

This talk will present to all about various cases where already enterprise coaches are applying various psychological theories and application of the same during coaching.

When we talk about Mindset it is all about our mind. If we coach do not understand deeper meaning of mind how we can stimulus diversified cultural people for mindset change.

Gil Broza aptly points out, an agile mindset combines values, beliefs, and principles that in turn guide how processes and practices are implemented. When we start dealing with people's value, belief and principles, you are getting into the world of psychology. May not be first of coaching but after 10 years of coaching for sure you will touch upon some of the psychological concepts and application of these concepts.

I will be taking you through these concepts which worked for me.

Various context where we need to apply psychological theory

What are the innumerable theories we have which can be apply during coaching.

A case study where I have achieved major success by applying some of these theories

 I have added few of my linked in posts to support this theme.



Outline/Structure of the Talk


  1. a) Problem area where these theories can be appropriate (Communication issues, Motivational challenges, Conflict Management etc.) - 10 mins
  2. b) Without applying these concept how hard it will be influencing others - 15 mins
  3. c) Conclusion - 15 mins
  4. d) Q&A - 10 mins


Learning Outcome

  1. a) Various Psychological concepts applicable in various situation
  2. b) How coach will change mindset by applying these theories
  3. c) Social psychology and advantage of knowing it


Target Audience

Leaders, executives and internal change agents

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