Customer Centric Product Development - Applying Story Mapping Technique

Every product development essentially starts with requirements collection of what product should do and what user wants. However this becomes the most difficult part to focus on what and where to start the development from. For years, the product development requirements have become inundated with requirements templates and word documents. The traditional 100-500 page requirements document that was widely practiced a few years ago was having its own limitations.  The teams particularly started feeling difficult to consume and manage these large documents and deliver value incrementally.

With more and more organizations moving to agile, the product development teams started going for leaner structures that represent crisply what customer / user wants from the product.

The teams are have done away with multi-page requirements documents and have adopted backlog as a source of managing requirements. The backlogs also started helping teams to break the large product expectations into multiple layers of epics, features/enablers and user stories. 

But, at times, during this breakdown, there are chances of losing the big picture and prioritization and hence impacts the value delivered to customer as early as possible. Story mapping techniques, created by Jeff Patton is one of the most popular way to help carve out the MVP from the big picture that helps the organization to realize value at the earliest. 



Outline/Structure of the Talk

t will be a 45 minutes ppt based session with the following agenda: 

  1. Introduction to Story Mapping – 5 minutes
  2. Understanding the technique empirically – 5 minutes
  3. Building a story map - technicalities – 15 minutes
  4. What it takes to build a story map – 10 minutes
  5. Advantages / benefits – 5 minutes
  6. Q&A and wrap up – 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding how to effectively use Story Mapping in product development
  2. Decomposing a large scale development into smaller, frequent releases to realize an early MVP
  3. Benefits of story mapping 

Target Audience

All senior management team including Product Managers, Program Management, Product Owners, Lean Agile Leaders



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