Down but never out. Bringing change when change is hard

“How do you stay so calm? It’s like you’re a ROBOT!”

That’s what the Program Manager said to me after we came out of a particularly heated meeting.

Early on in my Agile career, I used to do battle with the best of them, but you can only fight so long before you burn out.

So instead, I changed myself.

The stoics believed that one of the things we can control is how we respond to situations.

In this session, we will examine coaching and change from the perspective of the stoics. We’ll learn to apply those ideas and techniques to the problems you are currently facing in changing your organization.

Remember, “We don’t control the barriers or the people who put them there. But we control ourselves-and that is sufficient” - Ryan Holiday


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this session we will look at applying stoicism as a philosophy of life and what that means for coaches and change agents in organizations. We’ll be looking at concepts from Ryan Holiday’s latest book, “The Obstacle is the Way”, as well as “A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy” by William B. Irvine, and of course, the classics by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and other great stoic philosophers. This session will be part talk and part working session where participants will be able to apply some of the thinking to their current challenges.

Learning Outcome

  • Looking at the world from the perspective of the stoics
  • How to look objectively at challenges and in so doing find ways to overcome them
  • Using negative visualization to see challenges before the manifest themselves

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Change Agents


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