New to Lean Coffee? Experience this powerful and simple technique first hand, and leave knowing how to run a session.

Experienced with Lean Coffee? Stop throwing out your valuable topic cards and dot votes, discover how to upcycle that data into valuable tools for stakeholders.

Lean Coffee: A structure for having a valuable, agenda-less meeting driven by participants. During a Lean Coffee participants identify the most valuable topics, build a collective understanding of expertise, and learn how to overcome challenges.

Upcycling: Transforming the waste from one process into a new product of high value. Harvest the data generated during your sessions so that assumptions can be validated, experiments measured, large scale impediments quantified, and new hypotheses formed.

Start by experiencing Lean Coffee yourself, then get behind the scenes of a Lean Coffee session to learn how to unlock it's full potential. Discuss how a large financial organization at the start of their agile journey is using this to empower individuals, practice self organization, accelerate agile learning and adoption across teams, measure change outcomes, and quantify organizational impediments for leaders.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Part 1: Introduction and Concepts [5-7 minutes]

Description of Lean Coffee fundamentals and creating value for participants. Introduce the idea of harvesting data during the session to create a different product of value to session organizers.

Part 2: Lean Coffee about Lean Coffee [20-25 minutes]

Attendees will participate in a lean coffee session. Some anticipated discussion topics will be pre-generated (to save time), participants will have the opportunity to add their own topics.

Part 3: Upcycling [10 minutes]

Using data generated during the session, evaluate the organizer's hypothesis.

Learning Outcome

  • Experience a topic based Lean Coffee
  • Be prepared for Upcycle data capture
  • Know the most important Lean Coffee Upcycling techniques (as determined by session participants) such as:
    • Preparation tips for Lean Coffee
    • Educating first time attendees
    • Key techniques and tools
    • Aligning facilitation styles to your audiences' values
    • Activating quiet participants
    • Group size and scaling
    • Running distributed sessions
  • How to Upcycle, using data and hypothesis from this session

Target Audience

Change agents looking for simple, powerful techniques they can use tomorrow

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