In this session, we'll play a game about technical debt, designed to impart some important lessons. Each group will play the role of an Agile team burdened with a significant amount of technical debt. Every sprint, the team faces a choice: Do we forge ahead on the current plan? Or do we invest in reducing technical debt, to make us a more effective team?

The game takes approximately 30 minutes to explain and play. The important part of the session is the discussion afterwards:

  • What did we learn from this exercise about the importance of dealing with technical debt?
  • How do you explain the business value of technical debt reduction?
  • What obstacles do you face in your organization in dealing with technical debt?
  • How do you deal with these obstacles?

Note: This game is part of a collection materials that the Agile Alliance has developed to help software professionals deal with technical debt. For more details, see


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Quick overview of the technical debt challenge

Explanation of the game

Playing the game

De-brief: What did we learn? And how do we use it?

Learning Outcome

Understanding of the nature of the technical debt challenge.

Hands-on experience with the reasons why investment in technical debt reduction is worth it.

Arguments for dealing with technical debt in your organization.

An educational game you can play with people in your organization.

Target Audience

Team members and managers. Stakeholders are also welcome.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Knowledge of basic Agile principles and practices.

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