The ADAPT framework for agile transformation

Innovation and faster turnaround of ideas from concept to realization is one of the primary drivers for organizations to stay competative in the market. Risk reduction, cost optimization, faster time to market, managing changing business priorities, focusing on delivering high business value are some of the key considerations for organizations when transitioning to agile. The transition journey will not be very smooth. It needs continous inspection while taking informed decisions as this change can have long term implications on several fronts within the organization. The change could be delicate and hence a well thought approach backed by strong senior management support is very crucial to the success of this journey. Here we propose a 5 stage framework for agile transformation called as ADAPT which also gels very well with the adapt philosophy of agile. The ADAPT acronym stands for Assess, Define, Adopt, Perform and Transform. Each stage is linked to some benefits that that can be derived from that stage.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Presentation: It starts with the need for agile transition, then the ADAPT frameowrk for the transition, what are the dos and dont's followed by some experiences of the framework.

Learning Outcome

The audience will learn the approach to be followed while transitioning to agile and what are the dos and donts to be aware of during this transition

Target Audience

Project Managers, Sr.Management, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

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