Product Owners Building Signature Products

In today’s challenging workplaces, there is a continuous focus on business delivery. Organizations are challenged by competition from all over the world, changing technology and increased diversity of the workplace and customers. To be successful, organizations need to be agile to adapt their products to the challenges to survive. In this workshop we will look at the role of the product owner, the key characteristics of successful product owners, and tools that will make product owners successful. This will be done using real life examples of organizations moving to product oriented businesses and applied exercises.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

The session will present the key concepts and then move to an interactive approach engaging the audience to share their experiences. Approximately, halfway through the session, attendees will be divided into small groups to apply the tools described in the session to create a product. First, they will define the vision, mission and objectives of the product. Then they will build a "product in a box" using the tools and concepts learned through the first part of the session.

Learning Outcome

  • Apply the 5 top characteristics of successful Product Owners
  • Apply tools that make Product Owners successful
  • Create a product using agile techniques

Target Audience

Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Business Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    • Joanna Tivig

      Joanna Tivig / Peter Monkhouse - Shoot for the stars. Let Product owners rocket your products

      480 Mins

      In today’s challenging workplaces, organizations need to continuously focus on value delivery. Challenged by competition from all over the world, changing technology, increased diversity of the workplace and customers, organizations have to be agile. They need to adapt their products to these challenges to survive. But who is responsible for products? Product Owners. In this session we will explore key skills of successful product owners, how they link products to strategy, and which tools to use to be successful. This will be done using real life examples and applied exercises.