Design Thinking has been a revolutionary approach to build products that help solve users 'REAL' problem. It introduces a whole new approach of thinking towards the needs and problems of users. It challenges a designer's thinking and assumptions made about users behaviour in using a product or service. It is not about designing just another jazzy user interface but an approach to create end user experience that makes them happy and productive using your products and services. 

Thinking about design thinking, while it is mostly endorsed by product development companies, it is a concept which can be applied just anywhere, be it schools, government offices/schemes, social enterprises, public utility services, organization structure, anything and everything that deals with a common person. It is not just another new entrant in the software world, but its a blank and vast canvas that can be used in any difficult situation that needs user-centric solution. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The session is a combination of presentation slides and hands on exercise in a 20 - 80 proportion. 

Slides will cover the concept and basic understanding of Design Thinking and workshop will involve design of solution to a pre-defined problem statement using 5 step process.  

Learning Outcome

In this hands on workshop, the Key takeaways are :

1. What is design thinking and why it matters in the world of digital transformation?

2. How design thinking help answer the question of "why the user will buy your product or services"?

3. Applying the 5 step process to generate ideas and define proof of concept

4. Building products from user's perspective and behaviour

5. Benefits derived by adopting design thinking approach


Target Audience

People involved in product development and service delivery

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