Experiements in the retrospective space!

Appreciate how creativity brings in a completely different dimension of thinking to the inspect and adapt cycles, the retrospectives! The themes used behind making of these techniques are based on some realistic scenarios that enable the teams to really think and have fun at the same time. These techniques can be used for doing in-person as well as online retrospectives using the innovation games platform.

 Participants get a set of retrospective cards describing each technique and how can it be used for doing in-person and online retrospectives. The link to the innovation game platform is embedded on each of the cards that can be used to run the retrospective online.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. 10 min - Brief about the new retrospective techniques I published.
  2. 5 min - Explain Conteneo cloud platform and how it can be used to do Large team Distributed Retrospective, share a case study that I was part of during a transformation engagement,.
  3. 5 min - Benifits I have seen.

Learning Outcome


This session encourages participants to think out-of-box to come up with their own retrospective techniques. 

How gaming metaphors can be use for retrospectives.

Participants would get to know one of the ways to conduct  Large Team Retrospectives.

Leverage Innovation games for doing retrospectives.



Target Audience

Every one who would like to try out something new at their workplace!

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