Adopting to Agile has become a norm, almost every organization seems to be aiming for it! Many organizations have a great start with much rigor and enthusiasm, but are they really able to sustain is the question. How many of them are really able to put up with it!

'The back bone of a sustainable Agile Transformation!' talks about tackling such challenges in the long run! In this session I would be sharing my experiences that I have consolidated during my work with different clients. 


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- Pre-work that organizations should be doing  that will help them ponder on the "why" part of the change? - 5 min

- Factors and practices that would ease the journey. - 10 min

    Focus Areas: (Organization, People, Processes & Policies, Tools & Technology )

  • Organization: Structure, culture, other initiatives to aid the transformation.
  • People: Leadership, managers and teams mind-set to foster the agile adoption.
  • Processes and Policies: How the processes & policies in organization should be aligned to promote agility.
  • Tools & Technology: The technical practices that would yield to setting a stage for engineering culture to make the incremental and iterative delivery feasible

- Strategies that help sustain the transformation in the long run. - 5 min


Learning Outcome

-What it takes for Agile transformation to sustain.

-The role of agile coaches, team members, managers and leadership to ease the entire journey.

Target Audience

Open to all who are keen about transformation.

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