What’s Outside the Box? Creating creativity and close feedback loops

If you had 5 minutes to impact a group however you like, what would you choose? What do you want, and what’s most in service of the whole? How do you get creative in the face of social pressure, internal uncertainty, and (even tougher) personality conflicts? This session will be a hands-on game about creating group creativity in service of a larger goal, and offering tools to explore the dynamics that arise.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction (5 min)

Agency and Communion game (a creativity game where participants create a "gift" to give to the whole group, within a set time frame and structure, and then debrief the contribution that each person made to the process)

Learning Outcome

Self-awareness of one's role in a group, giving and receiving feedback, making creativity generative and fun by providing structure, exploring group dynamics

Target Audience


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