People will be in one of two groups.  The first group will only have a puzzle and lego set to put together, but they must switch what they are working on every 30 seconds.  The second group will have three things to assemble, but they will work on it one-by-one  Ideally there will be two or three groups with no WIP limits and two or three groups that have WIP limits.  This creates a very competitive and lively environment for the activity and plenty of feedback for the discussion afterwards.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

20 minute game session with 10 minute discussion

Learning Outcome

This is a great team activity that really shows the difficulty of context-switching and the purpose of WIP limits in a fun way.  The puzzles and Legos can be used for other Team games such as Story Size game and Scrum vs. Kanban game.

Target Audience

The Agile Team

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